People-centric Business Innovation
Technology is just the brick to build new schemes.
Your mandate
Clear responsibilities. Clear results.

How we work for you.

Analysis and management: Action instead of talk. Definition of targets, analysis based on K2K model. Individual workshop formats, structure & process, internal buy-in. Feasibility studies & scenarios, management according to corridors of action.
"Everything should be as simple as possible. But not simpler."~Albert Einstein. Physician. Universal Genius.
Integrated project management: One-stop solutions. Product & brand management. Concepts in sales & communications. Specific realisation from stragey to promotion materials (online & offline; BtoB and B2C). Financial planning and controlling.
We are dedicated
K2K is a network of partners - each of them experts in their field. What's special about us? We care that things are done.

Kornelia Kneissl

Managing Partner

Claudia Babl


Barbara Meyer


Julia zur Weihen


Annette Kissing


Michael Lux


Sometimes success is a paradox.

"If the facts don't fit the theory, change the facts."
~ Albert Einstein. Physician. Universal Genius.
Think global. Act local.
The Counterbalance of Change.