Posted by on August 30, 2016

Brand building is similar to quantum physics.

Details matter. Brand building is only convincing, if it is authentic. Brands have to grow from inside the “heart” of a company or region. Therefore brand policy by no means can be seen in isolation. It is an integrated component of the corporate concept.

Integrated policies of product, pricing and sales are essential for effective communication. As it is for the overall business success. It’s often small details which bring about high impact. In particular the varieties of pricing policy are underestimated in there leverage effect.

We develop and integrate:

Product: Analysis & Development. View of the customer / view of operations / profitability.

Pricing: Quality leader or price leader? Incentives / Packaging / Yield / Customer loyalty. Paradox pricing.

Sales: Target groups by lifestyle & values. Connecting online and offline tools. Partner management.


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