Posted by on August 30, 2016

In times of information overload, “pull” beats “push”.

Today, a grid of orientation is essential to overcome the information flow which is flooding into consumers’ minds. Whoever has such interesting topics that public is longing for more news does have a better position than companies who need to push information into the market.

An effective platform to gain interest: Partnerships and sponsorship in culture, sports, society or between companies with an honest intention to contribute, to make things improve and to build a world worth living. This is only effective when finding a way to get across the message to the target group. This is about finding out: What is the point of interest for the customer? It is not about, what the company wants to sell. If both aspects are feeding each other, partner management has reached its goal.

We manage:

Connecting partners: Who fits? What is of mutual benefit?

Messages & activities: Which platforms make sense?

Level of feeling & thinking: Direction. Project management, processes, making messages sustain.


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