Brands are a stabilising factor in times of change. The ones who know where they are standing, see where to head for new shores. To create real value, branding does not start in sales and promotion. It is a task of business policies, internal buy-in and overall offers.

Brands incorporate a shared code of values. They promise and hold a plus of value for the people attached to them. Brands need to focus on the perspective of the target groups. In reality, this is harder than it sounds. Therefore, branding in practice requires an integrated view to bridge the gap from strategy to implementation.

In this context, design is overestimated by far. Branding is about applicable solutions and memory effects. It is not about creating a masterpiece of art. The character of brands is made of stories, symbols and illustrations. This creates their uniqueness.

To have an integrated view on this, we created our K2K Brand Model:


The first thing when approaching a project is to find out: What is the change from what traditionally was done? What is breaking normal rules and differentiates us from what anybody does? Second: What is the value add for customers? Third: What story illustrates the vision and which symbols create emotions and trust? These three questions are key for any K2K project.

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