Place matters.

Even in times of virtual reality and autonomous driving place matters. The more mobility and digital workflow becomes a commodity, the more we will see a sort of counter movement. Regional bondage, feeling comfortable on the ground we walk as well as being in touch with real people become relevant for the quality perceived.

What’s changing? The regional approach of the future is fully integrated. It’s not enough to care for specific industry needs, neglecting the quality of personal life. Moreover, additional infrastructure aspects are crucial to be competitive. There is no digital lifestyle without fast internet. There is no attractiveness for young employees without child care.

We help to understand the perspective of relevant target groups and to develop a value concept with interdependent effects. In this context, regional brands serve to give orientation in topic and place. Moreover, they are a stabilising factor in times of changes. This has a specific impact on future-oriented forms of destination marketing.

We help to make places desirable.

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